State of the Blog Address, July 2017

Some of you might have noticed how there was no new Blu Ray review from me this morning, but it is cool if you didn’t.  Part of the reason why is I played 55 to 60 hours of Horizon Zero Dawn this week on my PlayStation 4.  (For you gamers out there who care, I beat the game and got the platinum trophy.  It was good times.)  This left me with only time to take in one film which unfortunately was Rising Sun starring Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery.  I found the movie to be kind of blah and began working on a review but I wasn’t feeling it.  If I was getting paid, I would push on and force myself to get ‘er dun but I’m not.  So, I decided to drop it for now.

To be honest though, the biggest roadblock for me is not being able to write what I want to.  Part of the reason why I started this blog is because I have trouble remembering movies.  Writing about them helps me and allows me to go back to read what I wrote if I don’t.

The movies I wish to revisit the most right now are the ones in the Marvel universe.  I watched most in the series only once and can hardly remember what happened in them.  I have been watching the new ones as they come out and try to piece together the back story with my Swiss cheese memory.

What I want to do is watch them in the proper order and hammer out a review for each with the previous movie(s) fresh in my mind.  I haven’t been able to do so yet since my collection is missing a couple in the “Phase One: Avengers Assembled” series.  “Phase One” are the five films that led up to the Avengers and Avengers.  I didn’t want to commit to reviewing all of them without the proper pieces.  I’d then be under pressure to find the ones I was missing, but now…. I got them ALLLLLL!

Marvel Phase One

Yep, I was able to find Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger so my journey to review these bad boys can begin!

I have enjoyed all of them for the most part and don’t care about how they change things from the comic books they are based on.  I have read my fair share of Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Daredevil through the years, but when it came to the extended universe, my brain checked out.  I thought it was stupid to have to buy a bunch of books, including ones from characters I didn’t like, to get one complete story.  I was more into the Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Smith, and Mark Millar one offs or graphic novels that contained a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

At the pace of one review a week it will take six of them to get through these, so I’ll see about continuing Phase Two right away when I get there.  I am still missing Guardians of The Galaxy from that series and don’t want to be pressured to get it. With the sequel just wrapping up a successful run in the theaters, the first film is red hot right now and hard to come by if I want to pick up for a deal.  So I’ll need to bide my time for now.  Maybe Amazon Prime day will be good to me.

So that’s what you have to look forward to for the rest of July and most of August.  I hope you like super hero movies!  If not, I hope you like reading reviews about them!




      1. Doctor Strange is a total one-off, so you’d be good to go on that one. There might be light references to Avengers, but I certainly can’t think of any off the top of my head.

        I’m looking forward to the reviews. I love these movies (I’ve only missed Guardians 2, caught Spidey the other night) and I haven’t watched the early ones in forever. It’ll be good times!

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  1. Yas! Looking forward to reading your Marvel reviews. You can skip Captain America, right enough; I don’t need a reminder of how dull that one is! Ha!

    I’m a few behind. Think the last one I saw was Age of Ultron. Or was that before Guardians of the Galaxy? I can’t mind… there are so many of them!


  2. I always enjoy watching the State of the Union address – particularly when the VP & the speaker of the house are from different parties, it’s fun to watch which lines get applause from which person standing behind the president.
    The news in this State of the Blog address (the upcoming July & August super hero reviews) should draw applause, regardless of political affiliation!

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